Paula Deen Furniture

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Bring home joy and comfort with Paula Deen Furniture collection by Universal Furniture from Knight Furniture Showrooms. Features that set Paula Deen Furniture collections apart from other collections are the delicate, weathered detailing and warm silhouettes. Worn edges, antique styling, and graceful lines bring the pieces to life, mirroring her Southern spirit and style. 

At Knight Furniture Showrooms, we carry all Paula Deen Furniture collections - from home office decor to living room furniture, upholstery to accent  tables, adult and youth bedroom furniture to dining room sets and seating.

To explore any of her Universal Collections, whether it be Paula Deen Down Home, Paula Deen Home, Paula Deen River House or Paula Deen Kids Guys and Gals visit Knight Furniture Showrooms in Florence, SC.


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Paula Deen Kids - Guys Collection

Collection Highlights:

Paula Deen Home:
Toward the end of an stressful day, the majority of us long to escape. Our house is our place of peace, a position of solace where we can unwind and act naturally. This comes most effortless when we're encompassed by furniture and extras that are compelling and true. These are two words that really portray Paula's center qualities and down-home Savannah style. So when you find out about Paula's furniture line, you know what's in store. You won't discover anything extravagant or fastidious, simply astute pieces that are excellent and agreeable, with a great measure of capacity and a dash of fun. Her signature southern style can be seen all through her home decorations a considerable lot of which are roused by her most loved pieces in her own home in Savannah. With its lavish arrangements, stately townhouses, and sprawling manors, Savannah is the exemplification of old Southern style. Yet its the welcome feeling of southern cordiality and thoughtfulness that is most obvious in Paula's furniture.

Paula Deen Down Home:
Paula's most current expansion to her developing accumulation is properly named Down Home. It's intended to catch the nice style of Savannah with a mixof low nation styles, timeworn completions and a dining experience of beguiling subtle elements. Indeed the wood used to make the accumulation has a story behind it. It just so happens the southern poplars that become close to Paula's Savannah home have some novel qualities. As they draw water from their local wetlands, the trees additionally take in minerals from the dirt. This structures exchanging streaks of light and dull the minerals gone through the wood in wide lines amid stormy years yet more slender ones amid dry spells. The completions in the Down Home gathering highlight these characteristic markings, bringing about pieces that are really novel.

Paula Deen River House:
Like Paula's different accumulations, the persuasion for this furniture is entirely nearby, in this occasion reflecting the history and lifestyle around the Savannah River. The gathering is offered in a few completions, for example, River Bank (a profound chestnut shade), River Boat (a white textured painted completion with ash rub-through, and Oyster Shell (an ash completion used for stresses on select pieces). Different peculiarities of this gathering incorporate cherry finishes, matured metal stresses and oiled bronze equipment alongside conventional turned legs, hand-cut points of interest, and delicate materials for the upholstery.

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