Magnussen Home provides customers with attractive, detail-oriented furniture for the bedroom, entertainment room and living room. Since the start of Magnussen Home Furniture in 1931, they have been manufacturing and designing furniture with a dedication to style, integrity, and ingenuity. When you purchase a piece of Magnussen furniture, you are buying an item that has modern conveniences to match the way you live with the style you want. Magnussen knows that different people have different needs for the furniture, which is why Magnussen created lifestyle categories: Modern Horizons, Casual Retreats, Global Vista and Tailored Expressions. The collections in each lifestyle category are made to meet the style and functionality demands particular to the customer. Modern Horizons captures a modern spirit of style with sleek clean lines and uncommon materials. If comfort and function are more of a priority, then Casual Retreats will give you plenty of options. The Global Vistas lifestyle is for those who appreciate designs inspired from different cultures and want an eclectic home. Or for those who appreciate traditional elegance and classic design, the Tailored Expressions will give you the luxury you crave.

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