Henredon Furniture

Henredon was established in Morganton, North Carolina, in 1945, by four men dead set to assemble furniture of custom quality. The starting product offering comprised of only three midsections, yet has since mushroomed into several excellent wood and upholstery outlines for each room; all of which are accessible at Knight Furniture Showrooms. 

While new assembling procedures are utilized, Henredon keeps on seeing that a lot of hand and subtle element work goes into each one piece, setting aside the idea of large scale manufacturing and giving each bit of Henredon furniture a special soul. 

Henredon has constantly taken an initiative part in planning and assembling a percentage of the finest decorations accessible, and their prosperity is focused around the ability and exertion of the people that work for them. Today, among individuals of separating taste, the name Henredon speaks to the best, offering what no other maker can with their special styling, completions, polish choices, stress materials, and item development strategies that are not normally found in the commercial center. 

Henredon's flawless craftsmanship persists to the greater part of their hand connected custom completions. Artisans detail, stain, cushion, rub, obsolescent, highlight, and shade all by hand. It is a work of art that includes a master eye, an expert's touch, and the scrupulousness that goes hand in hand with a 67-year custom of brilliance. 

To shop the Henredon furniture gathering at an amazing value, visit Knight Furniture Showrooms in Florence, SC. Hope to discover extravagance, premium woods, fine upholstery and a fantastic, enduring bit of furniture that no one but Henredon can make.

*Please note that these products represent a sample of top-selling items. 
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