Henredon Furniture

Henredon Furniture began in 1945 by three decided men of their word who were energetic about making quality furniture. The organization began with just three midsections and now has bloomed into many wonderful wood and upholstery plans for each room. Henredon Furniture offers extraordinary styling, completions, polish choices, stress materials, and great motivational furniture that are genuinely lovely.

From the most utilitarian yet rich midsections, tables, and seats to the most perfect hand-cut headboards, upholstered seating and extraordinarily planned cupboards and work areas, Henredon Furniture offers pieces that is certain to fulfill your each home outfitting yearnings. Henredon Furniture artisans completes each one piece by hand-staining, rubbing, highlighting and cushioning. The prepared eye of the master skilled worker directs each one piece to an eminent complete the process of, something deserving of presentation in the finest of extravagance homes.

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