Ten Helpful Tips When Designing Your Living Room September 04 2018


  1. Don’t be afraid of color. Be wise in choosing, however, as color sets the mood of a room.

  2. Don’t neglect the walls and ceiling. Look at different styles of wallpaper; choose paint for the ceiling to add a pop of color.

  3. Add some trim work. This provides a distinctive look to the room, such as classical, contemporary, old world, or regional. It also covers the seams of where the floors and ceiling meet the walls.

  4. Keep your floors stylish and comfortable. Whether neutral, patterned, or bright in color, you’ll want a floor that’s comfortable to walk on and nice to look at, especially if you entertain at your home on a regular basis.

  5. Choose a focal point of the room. This helps draw others into the area and can be anything from the fireplace, to the TV, to a statement piece hanging on the wall
  6. Make room for company and conversation. We gather in the living rooms of our homes, so it’s important to consider where we want to place our living room furniture in regards to entertaining.

  7. Let the light inside. When creating the right environment in a room, lighting is crucial. In the living room, we want a relaxed atmosphere, so light should be in layers and positioned to form a triangle that ensures an even amount of light distribution throughout the room.

  8. Don’t forget about the windows. If your living room has windows, you may choose to add draperies or shades. Find what works best in the room while appealing to the overall look in the room.

  9. Make an entertainment center. Sometimes living rooms double as family rooms. In this case, a built-in bookcase is great for housing the TV, DVD or Blu-ray player, video game consoles, movies, etc.

  10. Just as you add accessories to enhance an outfit, you’ll want to do the same for your living room. Display your favorite pieces or art or any collections you have neatly in the space. Especially if they go well with the color scheme or style of the room.