Most Common Mistakes While Decorating the Living Room September 04 2018

 The living room can be one of the most beloved spaces in a house, especially if you’re fond of inviting company over. When it comes to designing the area, however, there are some mistakes that can be made. These include:

  • Choosing the wrong couch. If may be too big or too small, the cushions may be uncomfortable, or the pattern simply doesn’t match the color scheme in the room.

  • Wanting to replicate a showroom look. Unless you’re absolutely in love with a particular look, don’t be afraid to switch up the style of the room by incorporating new pieces along with vintage ones; this makes your living room eclectic and unique.

  • Purchasing a rug that’s too small. Sure, large rugs can be expensive. However, the right one can tie a room together perfectly. If your living room is small, you will need a rug that’s under 6-by-9 feet. But, larger living rooms look better with rugs that are at least 8-by-10-feet or 9-by-12-feet.

  • Failing to make a layout of the room before designing. Having an idea of the look you want to achieve before buying furniture and other items is always the best idea. You’ll want to consider seating and window views, where to put the TV, etc.

  • Hanging artwork in the wrong spot. Many will agree that artwork should be hung at eye level; however, this doesn’t apply if ceilings are low and you aren’t tall in height.

  • Overprotecting the room. What we mean by this is having plastic covers on furniture out of fear of them getting dirty, making guests remove shoes before stepping onto the floor or rugs, etc. There are many different types of textiles and rugs available that are strong, helping them survive daily wear and tear. There are also fabrics that are stain resistant and pet-proof.

  • Keeping it plain. Don’t be afraid to mix different styles and architecture. Have fun in designing and adding your own personality to your home!