Incorporating a Sectional October 22 2019

When designing your living space(s), one of the biggest concerns to address is seating. You certainly want to make sure you have enough to seat your family, but you also want to consider how often you have guests and may need additional seating. Both room sizes and layout dictate how many furniture pieces you can bring into your room. Trying to figure out how to get as many seats as possible into a room can start to feel crowded. This is where a sectional comes to the rescue.


Less space, more seats. Generally speaking a sofa seats 3 and a love seat seats 2. However, because these are two separate pieces that require space in between, they can take up quite a bit of room. An L-shaped sectional can seat at least 5 with the same layout shape but in less layout space. Sectionals also come in different lengths allowing them to seat even more if needed. For even more seating, there are L-shaped sectional with a chaise option or U-shaped sectionals.


Family comfort. Sectionals are also great for families. The corner seat of a sectional offers the cozy comfort of a chair, but without the restrictions of armrests. It’s a great place to read a book with a little one or relax with a sleeping baby. Sectionals offer cozy comfort for family movie nights as well. Everyone can pile on with a big bowl of popcorn for some family entertainment. Or maybe an extra family came over for Christmas or a birthday party. All the adults can have seating with a view while the gift opening commences.


New styles. Gone are the days of sectionals just made for utility. Now sectionals are carefully crafted, beautifully designed, and work well into almost any decorating style. There are lots of styles, fabrics, and finishes to choose from and something for everyone. A quick search for sectionals on Pinterest will reveal how beautifully a sectional can be worked into a design.


If you’re still not sure about a sectional for your space, take a walk around our showroom or a look through our catalogs to see what we have to offer. You may find the perfect style that not only suits your tastes but also fulfills all your seating needs.