Furniture Tips for Pet Owners November 08 2018

Pets can bring such joy to our lives, as they easily become like members of the family. Unfortunately, they can also bring a bit of destruction with them when it comes to furniture. They can shed fur, leave bite marks, and cause scratches. But this doesn’t mean you can’t have pets and also have nice furniture. Here are some tips to help keep your furniture looking nice when there are four-legged companions staying in your home.

  1. Select colors and/or patterns that match your pet’s fur. This will help disguise any shedding that occurs on the furniture.
  2. Look into furniture pieces made with microfiber. Cats are less likely to scratch this type of fabric; even if they do, it can be brushed away. Cleaning microfiber is a breeze, too, in addition to being durable.
  3. Stay away from pieces with chenille, velvet, wool, silk, linen, and tweed. Pet hair can become wedged in these, making the furniture difficult to clean.
  4. Purchase slipcovers or blankets. This will minimize the risk of wear and tear from pets when they are on the furniture.
Consider leather options. Leather is resistant to odor and is easy to clean should pet hair fall onto it. Scratches are the only issue you will have with leather, but most can be buffed